Sweetland Soap
Date:August 24, 2017

August 2017: Getting Creative

I’m rather Plain Jane when it comes to my lather.  Lavender, litsea cubeba & lemon, bergamot & lime, and unscented soaps are my go-to bars for showing with a tea tree french clay for my face and a minty bar for hands.  But lets face it, this isn’t about me, it’s about making soap for you!  So I set a goal of developing 12 signature soaps for Sweetland Soap’s product line that showcase a variety of essential oils and skin loving ingredients.

Thus far, simplicity seems to rule the day.  I’m working toward a well-rounded group of fresh, floral, earthy, and spicy scents that are reminiscent of life’s simple pleasures: an evergreen forest, a fireside cup of mulled cider, rose gardens, lemon groves, fields of lavender, spiced ale, a tropical breeze, peppermints…

Each essential oil has unique properties that determine how it interacts with ingredients in soap.  Right now I’m unlocking how best to pair them.  Bergamot & lime with coconut milk,  peppermint & spearmint with goat milk, etc. are all I had hoped for.  Others, not so much.  Sometimes, it would be great if the soap actually made it into the mold before hardening (not naming any names Citrus Spice Milk Stout).

I’m learning to enjoy the bumps in the road that come with this process and allow the journey to take me where it needs to go.  Sometimes the best destinations are the unexpected ones.