Sweetland Soap
Date:February 27, 2018

Jan/Feb 2018: Your True Self

I started out the online test shop with my original crafty label and homemade looking soaps as I focused on formulas.  Over time, I found that my old look didn’t suit the direction I wanted for Sweetland Soap.  So I spent a couple days rethinking product design and studying some of the soapmakers whom I most admire, including the talented women at “Handmade in Florida” and “Linda O’Sullivan”.

In analyzing why I loved their works of art, I found the techniques that I wanted to employ to create Sweetland Soaps.  Layering with pencil lines, utilizing colorants and essential oils for design, and including gentle exfoliating ingredients for both benefit and visual interest creates a soap worthy for gift giving as well as hiding in the shower (so no one else uses it up).

Here is a sample of what is to come for Sweetland Soap.  Orange Blossom is pictured with a cinnamon pencil line that separates the essential oil colored top and compliments the Calendula petals mixed in throughout.  The botanical collar (label) is bright and cheery with a hint of sophistication.  The kraft box protects the soap in transit and keeps the scent strong.  I opted for a window in the kraft box behind the collar so that the soap’s scent shines through without having to open the box.

I hope all of you are as excited as I am about the direction of the Sweetland Soap product line.  Next month, I’ll be able to offer a sneak peak of the soaps that will debut at the grand opening.  Stay tuned!