Sweetland Soap
Date:May 01, 2018

March/April 2018: Life Happens

If your life is anything like mine, lots of unexpected things come up on a daily basis.  A big change for my family this year was needed when we received a call that one of our parents was in the hospital due to a fall.  It rearranged our priorities and sent life in a whole new direction, but that’s ok.  With change, comes growth.

I’ve grown as a person these past few months and had to accept that today, right now, I cannot open my soap business on the scale that I had hoped.  But it still can open, and my dream can move forward.  Instead of opening at the end of April, it will begin in May.  Instead of starting with a full product line of 12, I’ll start with 3.  The most important part is that it will begin and take shape as life continues to go on its own path.

No matter the obstacles in life, we choose how to accept them.  We can turn them into blessings or make them barriers.  I have found soapmakers to be an optimistic group and am thankful for their support.  Not every day is perfect, but it can be sweet.