Sweetland Soap
Date:September 23, 2017

Sept 2017: Rethinking Perfect

As many of you expect, product development doesn’t usually go as planned.  There are bumps, discoveries, ah hah moments that make it a really exciting time in the development of a business.  As someone who wants you to absolutely love every soap, I am very particular as to what counts as a saleable soap bar.  I want each bar to be PERFECT!

Then reality hits… cold process soap does not do perfection.  It’s chemistry that takes its own course and I’m just the guide.  If I was making triple milled bars, perfection is possible.  Triple milled soap is made ahead of time and then shredded, squeezed, and extracted till it is a molded bar of perfection that has had all of the real soap goodness squashed out.  Triple milled soap looks beautiful and its factory makers advertise its long lasting properties… but it’s not the real thing.  So I am learning to embrace the rustic charm of each bar and not fret so much about the unrealistic expectations that triple milled soap creates for soapmakers.

Looks can be deceiving, and once you lather a bar of Sweetland Soap, you will know the difference.  That is my promise to you.  Each bar will lusciously lather, smell divine, and last to the thinnest of soap slivers.  On the outside, it will have some texture, a faint hint of soda ash (created during the saponification process), and its own unique color and scent.  These little characteristics could be called imperfections or they could be seen as the beauty of being handcrafted.

I’m choosing beauty, letting go of unrealistic expectations, and presenting real soap as it was meant to be.  We are all wonderfully made, each of us unique and designed as intended.  Our soap can be too.