A word from the owner of Sweetland Soap, Jennifer Wagester…

Sweetland Soap began back in 2012, when I made my first batch of soap.  I was intrigued by the science and in making a wholesome luxury item for my family.  I was a stay-at-home mom then and put my hobby on the back-burner when I returned to full-time work.  One relocation later and back to stay-at-home mom status has been the blessing needed to ask myself where my time and energy is needed and what fuels my passion.

Every time I give my soaps as gifts or donate them to charity, the reaction is the same – this is the best soap I’ve ever used, do you teach classes, how can I buy more…  After years of hearing this, the timing is right to make Sweetland Soap all it can be.

Why do I want to make and sell skin care products? 

Because there is no better way to begin or end a day than with the luscious, scented lather of handmade soap or to be nurtured by natural balms, lotions, and butters.  They are gifts that say I thought about you, you are important to me, I want you to be joyful.

There is also great satisfaction in making high quality products that improve someone’s life.  I believe in what I make.  Sweetland’s limited-ingredient product line is more healthful, effective, and gentle than many manufactured items offered through large retail stores.

Why Sweetland?

The name comes from one of my favorite movies, Sweet Land, which portrays the complexities of agricultural communities in the 20th century.  With a move to Colorado’s front range, it has taken on greater meaning.  My back porch looks out to Pikes Peak, the inspiration for America the Beautiful.  Our sweet land of liberty is my country, my home.

Why me?

I’m a fourth generation farmer’s daughter with a heart for creation.  Whether growing herbs, raising Boer goats, or baking cinnamon rolls, I find purpose in nourishing my family and friends.  I also love science, teaching, and writing and earned a B.S. in Crop and Soil Sciences and a M.S. and Ph.D. in Agricultural & Extension Education from Michigan State University.  When not making soap, I’m tending my family, growing our goat herd, judging goat shows, and volunteering with 4-H.  Life is busy, but good.